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I am very proud of the team we’ve put together for our Rehabilitation and Sports Performance Training. Adam and Jeremy are world-class instructors. The work they do and the results their patients and clients achieve are phenomenal. The environment in which they accomplish this is truly unique and will not disappoint.

John Mackay

Jeremy Braziel

George Stathakopoulos

Adam Taylor

On Rehabilitation: Our understanding of proper musculoskeletal rehabilitation continues to evolve, and has changed so much over the last few years. New technologies have allowed us to not only recover better, but also to recover “smarter” as well. Many patients and athletes still need some areas of traditional physical therapy, but for many, needs go unmet in those environments, even with top-notch therapists. Whether it’s a pitcher recovering from Tommy-John ligament reconstruction or a recreational tennis player coming back from an ankle sprain, a “whole-person” approach is critical to the success the speed with which we get it.

Massage, ultrasound, diathermy, Game-Ready, and E-Stim therapies are all incorporated when appropriate as well. The private environment of our rehabilitation services matched with the expertise of Adam and Jeremy is a first class road to recovery; getting you back in whatever it is you’ve been missing or doing with pain.

On Performance Training: Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive world-class training and achieve their maximum potential. Adam brings to us the experience of training over 50 currently active professional athletes including those currently active in the NFL, Track & Field, Baseball, Basketball, and the PGA tour. He has also personally trained over 1000 collegiate athletes. From weekend warriors to NFL combine preparatory workouts, our goal is to make your best better.

K-Trainer, Vertimax V8, MVP Shuttle Elite, Keiser pneumatics, Cybex, Octane, Krankcycle, and the TRX training system are some of the equipment used. The most technologically advanced workouts are available here. When appropriate, using sensors to monitor your every move during a vertical jump, squat, golf swing, and more, it is possible to understand every aspect of your motion to maximize your workouts and your results…and ultimately… your performance.

On Golf Fitness: Both Jeremy and Adam are Titleist Performance Institute Certified golf fitness Instructors. They are also both certified K-Vest and K-Trainer instructors and operate the only K-Vest system in Arkansas. The K-Vest system allows us to assess a “total picture” of your body, swing, and equipment. Using this information a program can be created for you that will seamlessly integrate your existing PGA or LPGA professional’s instruction to help you optimize your performance. Combining the K-Vest, K-Trainer and Titleist Performance Institute’s programs we are able to offer the most comprehensive evaluations to apply personalized injury prevention, recovery, and total body conditioning programs as well.

Times have changed, so should the way we think about training and rehabilitation.

Call us today to learn more: 479-966-4055

Golf Fitness:

Are your practice Sessions coming up short? Let us help!


K-VEST’s cutting-edge technology enables professionals to stay at the forefront of the very competitive golf performance industry. K-VEST provides easily customizable technology to improve swing efficiency in golfers of all levels. Finally, a way to effectively evaluate and change movement patterns is available. You will have a hard time finding a PGA or LPGA professional who doesn’t incorporate K-VEST into their workouts and teaching sessions. It doesn’t replace instruction or coaching, rather, it amplifies them. There is nothing more powerful than seeing real-life data in the form of immediate feedback from your swing and swing sequencing. Finally, a way to understand and change the efficiency of your golf swing is available to non-professionals.


K-TRAINER is used by many tour professionals and now is available to the rest of us. After thorough assessments of your swing and “golf fitness” You can place sensors on your shoulders and hips and be guided through your personalized training program. It ensures appropriate posture, technique, and repetitions. Additionally, once the program is loaded and customized, the sensors will monitor every motion and aid in evolving your program as your performance, swing efficiency, and fitness improves. Every exercise program is easily customizable to meet your diverse needs.


Titleist Performance Institute    My TPI (Titleist Performance Institute)

Our Program Package   Our Program Package

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